FAQs about Ultra Patios’ Patio Covers in Las Vegas

When it comes to getting a patio cover installed, there are a number of things homeowners may be concerned about. No one wants to spend their hard-earned dollars on a home add-on that ends up being unsightly, unstable, or otherwise unsatisfactory. Perhaps even more, no homeowner wants an unprofessional or uncommitted builder working on their property.

When considering our patio covers, Las Vegas homeowners might ask the following questions:

Q: How long does installation take?

A: When customers ask this question, they are often thinking: How long will your stuff be cluttering up my backyard? We work hard to ensure customer satisfaction in every stage of the installation process, not just at the end of a project. So, after each workday, we tidy everything up, leaving as little mess as possible.

Also, while installation time ultimately depends on your home and the style of patio cover you choose, we strive to complete each project as efficiently as possible. We make a schedule for how the process will go, and then we stick to that schedule, working through any difficulties that may arise during construction with professionalism and time-tested expertise.

Q: How much do patio covers in Las Vegas cost?

A: The exact cost depends on the style you choose, as well as how your home property is laid out, but patio covers of any type can be pricey. With Ultra Patios, however, you can be absolutely certain that you will get high-quality work for the price you pay. Also, we offer a number of financing options through GreenSky in order to ensure the affordability of your new patio cover.

When you are considering a new patio cover, we provide you with a free in-home estimate to give you an idea of how much it will cost.

Q: What is Alumawood?

A: Alumawood is a high-quality, low-maintenance brand of material we use in constructing weatherproof patio covers, and it has many advantages over wooden structures. Las Vegas weather can be harsh on wood, causing it to crack in the dry heat of summer. Rainfall only occurs occasionally, but it can have its own impact since it may lead to rotting.

Alumawood, however, is aluminum that is crafted to simulate wood in both appearance and texture. This means you get a beautiful patio cover without the high maintenance needs of wooden structures.

Q: Will my patio cover last?

A: Since our Alumawood and Elitewood patio covers are both stable and weatherproof, they can last much longer than conventional wooden structures. They are also premium grade materials, so they will not rust or corrode like cheaper brands. Finally, they are built solidly, allowing them to withstand wind gusts of over 100 miles per hour.

Each of our patio covers comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring a beautiful, long-lasting structure that you can enjoy year-round.

Q: What if I don’t like my new patio cover?

A: Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so we do everything in our power to ensure that you have a patio cover you can proudly show off to family and friends. When you work with us, there is no middleman for us to hide behind. You deal with directly with a family owned and operated business throughout the entire process, so we ensure that you get the highest quality available. We want to take as much pride in the finished product as you do, and we won’t stop until we are certain you are satisfied with the results.

For the best quality service and patio cover construction available in Las Vegas, call Ultra Patios or fill out the online form for a free in-home estimate.